Liam Gallagher Gives His Best Advice For A Singer

In a recent appearance on the Dave Berry Breakfast Show, Liam Gallagher shared the best advice he could give anyone wanting to be a singer in the music industry.

Liam Gallagher rose to fame after being the lead vocalist of Oasis between 1991 and 2009. Oasis’ distinctive sound owed a lot to Gallagher, who had a nasal quality that allowed him to showcase the grit in his voice. The Gallagher brothers, Noel and Liam, were the core members of Oasis. While the band shined with Noel’s songwriting which was the musical backbone, Liam Gallagher’s voice defined the sound that people associated with the band.

The lead vocalist who became known for his unique voice shared his wisdom with the people who wanted to follow a similar career path. Gallagher said that the singers should quit worrying about being in tune and give it their best shot. He added that if the aim is to become a singer whimpering to the mic, it won’t bring them the success they are looking for.

Gallagher further explained that the singers should not fear the mic and get comfortable and spit all over it. He added that if they want to succeed as singers in the industry, they need to stop caring about every little sound they make on the mic and focus on the punk rock attitude necessary for a great performer.

Liam Gallagher’s advice for singers:

“As a singer, you just got to get right up to that mic and go for it, man, and I won’t worry about being in tune or out of tune. Punk rock is about your attitude, so whoever’s going to be the singer gets stuck in. I’ve got no time for people who whimper around the microphone, you know what I mean, or all that kind of singing. I’ve got no time for them.

It’s like you should go and do something else or get involved with that microphone. The microphone is not your friend; get involved and spit all over it. I’ve got no time for these little wimpy shoegazing bands like [Whimpers] and they call that singing; that’s my piece of advice.”

You can listen to the interview below.