The Rolling Stones And U2 Became The Only Two Bands That Made More Than $2 Billion On Tour

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Pollstar created a special list by looking at the concert and touring statistics of the Pollstar Era and determined that the Rolling Stones and U2 were the only bands worth over $2 billion.

The information compiled by Pollstar has produced outstanding results for both the Rolling Stones and U2. Based on their calculations, the Rolling Stones have grossed $2.165 billion from the 22.14 million tickets sold since the early ’80s. Even though the last 14 tours coincided with the Pollstar Era, the group still crossed the $2 billion mark.

On the other hand, the U2 shows recorded on Pollstar span up to 14 rounds of tours with 26,178,043 tickets sold. U2’s total forty-year gross of $2,128 billion lands them in second place after the Rolling Stones. These two impressive numbers make them the only two bands to surpass $2 billion.

According to the compiled list of Pollstar, only two bands have passed $2 billion:

“Two iconic rock bands head up the rankings of Top Touring Artists. The Rolling Stones are No. 1 on the chart ranked by gross and U2 tops the ranking by ticket sales. While 15 headlining acts have surpassed the $1 billion threshold in grosses during the past four decades, these two bands are the only ones to pass the $2 billion point.

Pollstar has been one of the most critical commercial publications in the concert and live music industry for the past four decades. The precisely crafted charts compiled for its 40th-anniversary celebrations were a shocking sight. What will the next 40 years bring to these artists? Well, we will have to wait and see.