Why Ozzy Osbourne Couldn’t Stand The Title Heavy Metal

Heavy metal music developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, taking its roots in different rock music genres such as blues-rock, psychedelic rock, and acid rock for years. Its emphatic beats, loudness, distorted guitars, extended guitar solos, and unique lyrics and themes became heavy metal musicians and bands’ main characteristics. The late 70s were essential for the genre after the pioneers hit the stage.

Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple members recorded and released genre-defining works that contributed significantly to heavy metal’s popularity and commercial success. However, most critics were extremely prejudiced about the genre, considering its one-of-a-kind and extraordinary features. So, let’s learn more about what heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne thought about the title.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Thoughts About The Term Heavy Metal

Following their second tour in the USA, a critic criticized Black Sabbath’s performance by defining it as ‘a bunch of heavy metals smashed together,’ which the band’s iconic member Geezer Butler drew attention to a short time ago. The heavy metal term came to England after America, and critics and fans started to use it while talking about their favorite musical acts.

However, during one of his previous interviews with Scotland On Sunday, Ozzy Osbourne said he couldn’t stand the title heavy metal since it was not the correct definition of their music. He also revealed which title he preferred if anyone asked him. The Black Sabbath icon emphasized that heavy rock would be more appropriate for their sound and lyrics, but it was too late to change. He admitted that the genre evolved a lot after the 70s.

Osbourne shared his ideas, saying:

“I’ve often had people go, ‘I bet you’re happy with the resurgence of heavy metal.’ Well, number one, I can’t stand the title, heavy metal. If it was heavy rock, it’d be better. However, you can’t say that the bands now sound anything like the bands in the 1970s.

What I’m happy about is I gave a platform for a lot of these kids to do gigs. The record industry is dying, so what a lot of these kids will do is have a recording thing on the bus and make a record through the night as they’re traveling and sell it at the gig.”

Osbourne added that he was happy to give young generations of musicians a platform where they can play and meet their fans, thanks to Ozzfest. It was an annual music festival including mostly alternative metal, thrash metal, industrial metal, metalcore, hardcore punk, and nu-metal, among many more.

According to him, the record industry was dying probably due to lower sales after people chose to download or stream music on the internet via various apps and websites. In addition, after his tenure with Black Sabbath ended, Osbourne continued to create and perform heavy metal music with his solo records that sold millions and became popular worldwide even though he couldn’t stand the title.