Slipknot Pays Tribute To Joey Jordison and Paul Gray During Knotfest, Fans Accuse Them Of Hypocrisy


During their performance at Knotfest, Slipknot didn’t forget to pay their respects to the band’s late bassist Paul Gray and drummer Joey Jordison to highlight that they will always be with them forever. However, some fans claimed that Slipknot didn’t care about them when they had been through hard times.

As you might know, Slipknot’s founding member and bassist, Paul Gray, passed away on May 24, 2010, in a hotel room. After the autopsy, the cause of his death was declared as an overdose from morphine and fentanyl. His widow Brenna Gray reflected her concerns about the doctor who kept prescribing addictive medication to Gray before his death.

Also, Brenna revealed that she asked for help from Slipknot members while Paul Gray was struggling with addiction, which eventually caused his early death, but none of them came to help her. Then, Slipknot lost another member as their drummer Joey Jordison passed away on July 26, 2021.

The reason why Joey left the band is still ambiguous since his band members claimed that it was his decision, while the drummer accused the band of firing him after thinking that he was abusing drugs, but he was actually battling a neurological disease. Slipknot members were heavily criticized for the way they treated the band’s founding member by their fans.

After Slipknot paid tribute to their late members, Gray and Jordison, by using their pictures in their performance for Knotfest, some fans accused them of being hypocrites due to their behavior toward their bandmates before their death. One of them reminded Brenna’s words about Slipknot members, while another emphasized that they didn’t support Jordison, who was struggling with a serious disease.

A fan’s comment read as follows:

“Paul’s wife, Brenna Gray, testified during Baldi’s trial that she tried reaching out to some of Paul’s bandmates in Slipknot just days prior to the bassist’s death but that none of them wanted to get involved. She revealed, ‘One was playing golf two minutes away from our house but couldn’t come. Nobody else cared, nobody was involved. They told me it was my problem.'”

Another one added:

Only one member of the band visits Joey during his hard times.”

You can watch the video below.