Why Mike Patton Called Anthony Kiedis ‘Inadequate’

Rivalries are not uncommon in the rock world, and as two famous names in the funk-metal scene in the late ’80s, there was initially a friendly competition between Red Hot Chili Peppers and Faith No More. However, this friendly rivalry intensified when the verbal conflicts between Anthony Kiedis and Mike Patton emerged. The arguments between the pair started after Faith No More’s ‘Epic’ music video came out.

Although the song was a breakthrough hit for the group in 1990, it also initiated a feud between the duo due to the RHCP vocalist’s accusation of Patton copying his moves in the music video. Kiedis talked about Patton in numerous interviews, claiming that the vocalist was stealing his acts. Conversely, Mike Patton preferred to remain silent in the face of these accusations and did not respond to Kiedis. However, he broke his vow of silence and called the RHCP vocalist ‘inadequate’ in a 1990 interview.

Mike Patton Broke His Silence And Called Anthony Kiedis ‘Inadequate’

Following the release of Faith No More’s ‘Epic,’ Anthony Kiedis talked about Patton copying his moves in various interviews. He stated that even his drummer recognized this similarity. The vocalist also said that he was worried about whether the fans thought RHCP was copying Faith No More, primarily in the UK.

Mike Patton, who had not responded to these accusations, broke his silence in a 1990 interview with Faces Magazine.  The vocalist pointed out that Anthony Kiedis’ accusations did not bother him, and the RHCP vocalist was free to talk about whatever he wanted. He said that Kiedis’ words did not impact him and mentioned that the rocker might be preoccupied with him because he feels ‘inadequate or old.’ As Patton revealed, he did not have a reason to talk behind Kiedis.

Mike Patton responded when asked about Anthony Kiedis’ accusations:

“It doesn’t bother me a bit. I got a real big kick out of it, to tell you the truth. I mean, if he’s going to talk about me in interviews, that’s fine – it’s free press! It’s pretty out of line. Either he’s feeling inadequate or old, or I don’t know. That’s beat, but I have no reason to talk sh*t about him.”

The conflicts between the pair revived in 1999 when Mike Patton reunited with his former band Mr. Bungle. They were preparing to release the ‘California’ album while RHCP was also working on ‘Californication.’ The disputes escalated as Warner Bros. chose to release the RHCP album first.

Also, Mr. Bungle was banned from some summer festivals after RHCP threatened the label to choose a side. Mike Patton and Mr. Bungle reacted to RHCP’s accusations by appearing in a Halloween show where they dressed up as RHCP members and performed the group’s songs awfully.

Over time, the feud between the two sides decreased. Patton even said in the past that he could not remember how these conflicts started. According to him, if they saw each other, they could share a warm hug at that moment.