Sheryl Crow Recalls Mick Jagger Picking Her Up With The Private Plane Of The Rolling Stones


Sheryl Crow recently joined iHeartRadio for an interview during which she remembered the time Mick Jagger called him to ask her to join the Rolling Stones for a performance.

On August 30, 2019, Sheryl Crow released her eleventh studio album titled ‘Threads.’ In this record, the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards appeared alongside Crow to perform ‘The Worst’ from the Stones’ ‘Voodoo Lounge’ album. Apart from Richards, the record featured many notable names like Eric Clapton, Neil Young, and Johnny Cash.

In March, Sheryl Crow announced a Showtime documentary titled ‘Sheryl,’ which will focus on her music career and personal life. Planned to be released on May 6, the documentary will be accompanied by a soundtrack featuring over 30 hits by Crow, her favorites, and three new songs, including a cover version of the Stones’ song named ‘Live With Me.’ 

Crow sings the lead vocals while Mick Jagger plays his harmonica in the song titled ‘Live With Me.’ This wasn’t the first time the pair performed this song. They previously played it together on stage in 1994. During a recent interview with iHeartRadio, Crow remembered this show and how Jagger approached her.

The singer stated that Mick Jagger called her at 4:30 in the morning to ask her to join the Rolling Stones in Miami. She eagerly accepted this offer and flew with them on a private plane. Then, after the show, Crow and the Stones developed a relationship. According to the singer, she wanted to pay homage to the Stones by covering ‘Live With Me.’

Here is what Sheryl Crow recalled during the conversation:

“I get a phone call at 4:30 in the morning in Amsterdam from Mick Jagger, asking me if I wanted to come and sing with the Rolling Stones in Miami. I was like, ‘Oh, yes! Yes, Mr. Jagger!’ Before I knew it, I was on a private plane. I’d never been on a private plane. It’s thanksgiving day, we rehearse, and the next day is the day of the show.

I threw up all day long, and then, right before I went out, Bobby Keys handed me a ball of tequila. He was like, ‘Here, take a little shot of courage.’ I got booted out there, and we did ‘Live With Me.’ I love the Rolling Stones, and after that, I had a relationship with the Stones. So, we just wanted to pay some homage to the Stones and how much they’ve been a vital lifeline for me in my career. “

Below, you can watch the interview and the performance where Rolling Stones and Sheryl Crow shared the same stage.