Why Mark Hoppus Gave Up Being A Teacher And Formed Blink-182

Many believe that most artists in the music scene dream of being a star since childhood, and they take action solely to become musicians. However, sometimes there is an entirely different story behind their road to success, which we may find hard to believe. Of course, almost all of them have been interested in music somehow, but having a professional career is not an option that is always on the table.

Some take up music as a hobby and don’t include it in their future career plans, while others become obsessed with being a star from their early years. Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus also has an exciting story of climbing to success and becoming a rock star at the end of the day. Let’s first look at his early years and then how he gave up being an English teacher to turn into a renowned musician.

Mark Hoppus’ Childhood And Early Life

Born in California in 1972, Mark Hoppus had a pretty tough childhood since his parents constantly argued. When his parents divorced when he was eight, his early years became even more challenging. He and his sister shuffled between his parents’ homes for two years following the divorce. Then, he moved to Monterey with his father to live with him. His father was mostly away from home, so he had a lonely childhood.

Future rocker started to develop an interest in music during those times when his father introduced him to the songs from the Beatles, Billy Joel, and Elton John. In high school, he began listening to punk rock too. He received his first bass guitar also in his early high school years. Mark Hoppus learned to play bass by himself without any formal lesson. Over the next few years, Hoppus immersed himself in punk rock music.

He especially became quite fond of the Cure’s music and even dressed like their frontman Robert Smith. He also joined a few local bands featuring covers of the Cure songs. Mark Hoppus completed his high school education in 1990. Then, he entered a band called Of All Things with two friends. He was very interested in music but also had other plans for his career, including becoming an English teacher.

Why Did Mark Hoppus Give Up Being An English Teacher?

Things were going pretty well in Mark Hoppus’ then band, Of All Things, following his graduation from high school. They played at friends’ parties and bonfires; they even once played in a local music venue. However, Hoppus was determined to get a college education, so he left his hometown in the summer of 1992.

The musician attended California State University in San Marcos with the thought of becoming an English teacher. He also worked at a local music store in San Diego during these years. Later on, Hoppus met his future bandmate, Tom DeLonge, thanks to his sister, who became friends with him. Hoppus already intended to perform with a band, so the two immediately began performing together.

His college education continued. However, the musicians started to doubt whether he genuinely wanted to become an English teacher. He had some ideas on educational reform, so he could’ve brought them into being by becoming an English teacher. Later, he realized that he had no interest in that field and dropped out to pursue a music career. We all know what came next when things progressed with Blink-182. Hoppus has eventually ended up being a rock star on the way to becoming an English teacher.