Why Joey Ramone Didn’t Talk To Johnny Ramone During The Band’s Career


Many people who take place in the bands can accept that they have a great connection but often argue and fight each other for various reasons. They figure out most of these problems after realizing that they are just being childish and continue to support one another. The bandmates generally know that they will always be there when one of them goes through hard times, no matter what happens.

However, it’s also prevalent that musicians who come across difficulties sometimes cannot end the feuds between them because it’s hard to forgive the mistakes. While these conflicts ended countless legends in rock music, sometimes members can survive even the worst scenarios. As one of them, the Ramones icons, Joey and Johnny Ramones, had to face several problems that caused crises that turned them into strangers making music together.

The Feud Between Joey And Johnny Ramone


Joey and Johnny Ramone had political differences and different perspectives toward life; Joey was a liberal hippie while Johnny was a hippie-hating conservative. Therefore, there was always tension between them, and a 16-year-old Linda Danielle ignited the fire between them. Linda first met Joey, and they started their relationship shortly after in the late ’60s. They pursued a happy relationship for a while.

Also, the couple got engaged, but Johnny didn’t let them be together. Johnny also fell in love with Linda even though she was his bandmate’s fiance. This caused a crisis between the bandmates and the couple. Linda admitted that Joey knew Johnny would get what he wanted, and Joey didn’t want to fight with Johnny for his lover. The famous singer broke up with Linda, and it was an opportunity for the Ramones guitarist.

Linda revealed the situation, saying:

“‘Johnny gets what Johnny wants,’ Joey started repeating that every day. I don’t know if I ever fell out of love with Joey. I just knew there was no way we could be together. The last thing he said to me was, ‘I’m not gonna be able to get rid of Johnny.’ I was like, ‘OK. We need to break up.”

Johnny and Linda began dating, and they tied the knot in 1984 at the office of the city clerk in New York City. Linda and Joey didn’t talk to each other for years, but then Joey reached out to her about a book about the band. Then, the ex-lovers continued to communicate until the frontman’s death on April 15, 2001. Even though they figured out their problems eventually, Johnny and Joey couldn’t end their feud.

The Ramones Members Tolerated Each Other During Their Careers


During Johnny and Linda’s relationship and marriage, the problems and disagreements between the musicians grew more prominent, but they continued their musical partnership as the Ramones members. It’s known that Joey always accused Johnny of stealing his lover and lived happily ever after. They couldn’t preserve their relationship, mainly because they often disagreed about different subjects before Linda. As a result, the two band members didn’t speak to each other from the beginning of the 1980s until their final show on August 6, 1996.

Joey and Johnny went on creating, recording, and performing together, and their relationship was nothing but tolerating each other for the band’s sake. Furthermore, the Ramones released their fourteenth and final studio album entitled ‘¡Adios Amigos!’ on July 18, 1995, and the band members announced that they would disband in the following year. Before ending their career as a band, Johnny and Joey Ramones stood away from each other for more than a decade, even before the latter’s death.