Why Joe Strummer Accepted Marrying A Woman For £100

Joe Strummer was a talented musician who co-founded the punk rock band The Clash and worked with the group as the lyricist, rhythm guitarist, and co-lead vocalist. They contributed significantly to the post-punk and new wave movements throughout their career and achieved remarkable success in the music scene.

Apart from working with The Clash, Strummer also contributed to other artists and made solo endeavours. Moreover, he also had other interests, such as acting, hosting radio shows, and scoring TV shows and films. At one point throughout his life, Strummer entered into a sham marriage with a South African woman for a peculiar cause.

Why Did Joe Strummer Marry A South African Citizen?

Individuals usually enter into a sham marriage to gain an advantage from the union without creating a genuine marital relationship. After some time, couples often divorce when there is no purpose in staying married.

In 1975, Strummer married a South African citizen named Pamela Moolman. He accepted £100 to marry her, and the purpose of their marriage was to make Moolman able to obtain British citizenship. This incident occurred before the British Nationality Act of 1981, which made the partners of British men unable to acquire citizenship solely by marriage.

After marrying Moolman, Strummer used the money to purchase his signature Fender Telecaster. Three years later, his relationship with Gaby Salter began. Salter had just turned 17 at that time, and the pair remained together for 14 years.

Joe Strummer and Gaby Salter had two daughters named Jazz and Lola. However, they couldn’t marry because Strummer could not find Moolman to divorce her. So, Strummer bought his signature Telecaster with the money he received from Moolman, and he also helped her obtain British citizenship.