Adam Lambert Will Play The Devil In Upcoming Show ‘A Tale Dark And Grimm’ On Netflix

According to the Instagram post by the actor and director David Henrie, Queen’s touring frontman Adam Lambert will appear on Netflix’s newest project ‘A Tale Dark And Grimm’ by playing the devil.

It is widely known that apart from being a successful musician, Adam Lambert also has an interest in acting. When he was just 9 years old, he performed with the Metropolitan Educational Theatre network and was involved with theater and stage arts. Lambert is also known for his enthusiasm for musicals and was involved in several of them, such as The Ten Commandments: The Musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event, Glee, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Ratatouille the Musical.

Apart from those, he appeared in some TV series and movies, including Pretty Little Liars, Lennon or McCartney, and Moonbase 8. So, it can be said that he also has an acting career alongside his musical career.

As more recent news, Netflix has been working on a new series called ‘A Tale Dark And Grimm’ based on Adam Gidwitz’s book with the same name, covering the story of Hansel and Gretel with a different approach and also focusing on creepy and scary aspects. As announced by David Henrie, who also wrote, acted, and made the music for the film, Adam Lambert will also appear in the show playing the character devil. The show ‘A Tale Dark And Grimm’ is expected to be due in Fall 2021, and will be available through Netflix.

David Henrie’s post read:

“So incredibly excited to announce Netflix’s newest show ‘A Tale Dark and Grimm’ based on the best selling book by Adam Gidwitz that my company Novo had the honor of producing and I had the pleasure of EPing, writing, and acting in alongside our incredible visionary Simon Otto and Doug & Candie Langdale our wonderful partners Bob Higgins, Boat Rocker, Lorenzo Henrie, Bug Hall, and Chris Henderson.

And the fact that I got to work with the incredible Rainy Rodriguez again was so special, she crushed the lead role of Gretel! Can’t wait for you all to experience the thematically rich, powerful, scary, and funny world of fairy tales being told in their original, authentic form, in ‘A Tale Dark and Grimm’!! It also stars Adam Lambert, Tom Hollander, Scott Adsit, Ron Funches, Missi Pile, and Jonathan Banks!”

Here is the picture posted by David Henrie on Instagram.

Photo Credit: David Henrie – Instagram