Why Is Phil Collins Undoubtedly Bigger Than Genesis And Peter Gabriel

Success might be a fairly subjective topic, as many have their personal definitions. Without a doubt, however, we love to rank things to determine who deserves the most attention, and congratulations. Numerous award ceremonies, honorary inductions, and public voting have taken place for years to celebrate the ‘successful‘ ones, and it has become a part of our lives to witness all this.

Social media has also played an important role in deciding who should be receiving the most attention, as digital streaming platforms have become essential data sources for analysts. People who receive the most streams and attract the most listeners have piqued the interest of numerous labels searching for the next great act.

Phil Collins, however, was a prominent scene in the rock scene before we had unlimited access to the internet and enjoyed music through digital streaming platforms. Initially the drummer of Genesis, he steadily climbed the ladders of success by becoming the band’s frontman after Peter Gabriel left in 1975.

Although the act had developed a cult following through their early works such as ‘Nursey Cryme’ and ‘Foxtrot’ with Peter, they continued to thrive in the spotlight without their former frontman and experienced their most commercially successful period under the leadership of Collins. They’ve become already prominent figures among prog-rock fans, but mainstream success followed soon enough after Phil took the helm.

However, this wasn’t all Collins had set his mind to accomplish. The singer thrived in the spotlight as a successful solo act in his own right, topping the charts with numerous hits such as ‘In the Air Tonight,’ ‘Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)’ and ‘Another Day in Paradise.’

The rocker was also celebrated by numerous institutions, going from receiving seven Grammys as a solo artist to becoming the recipient of an Academy Award and two Golden Globes. These were public displays of appreciation for the ‘successful’ solo singer that Phil was. However, the impact of digital platforms was what turned him into a more enormous act than Genesis and the iconic singer Peter Gabriel.

As you might possibly know, Spotify has created a competition between artists, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, by allowing users to demonstrate who has received the most streams and who might be the audience’s favorite.

While neither Genesis nor Gabriel, nor Collins needed verification from digital platforms to prove their success and cult status; however, it’s still interesting to note that Phil has surpassed both his band and former bandmate in terms of streams.

Genesis had six million monthly streams and listeners, while Peter received five million. However, Collins received more than both combined, scoring an impressive seventeen million streams alone. Although Genesis’ music defined an era, and Gabriel is undoubtedly a cult figure among rock fans with unmatched talent, Phil seems to have become a bigger act by appealing to mainstream audiences more.

At the end of the day, as we’ve mentioned earlier, success is a subjective topic. Everyone’s taste is their own, and whether an artist might receive a few prestigious awards or become a sensation on streaming platforms only shows their success in commerciality and publicity sense.

There’s no doubt that Peter Gabriel created timeless tracks both with Genesis and as a solo singer, and Genesis received all the prominence a rock band possibly wish for. Still, with the right PR strategies, management, and the right amount of talent, Collin’s name turned into a significant commercial success that started from his early days with Genesis and continues to this day as a solo artist.