Why Bruce Springsteen Thinks Being In A Band Is Privilege


Bruce Springsteen stepped into his music career by playing with some local bands and then developed his unique style in the following years. His extraordinary songwriting abilities were also beneficial during this process to make himself heard more in the music scene. In the early ’70s, he was getting ready to release his debut studio album and thus, decided to form a new band for the recordings. The band would be known as the E Street Band later on.

Although Springsteen has also formed other backing bands throughout his career, E Street Band has managed to stay together since its inception. The band members joined the Boss for most of his tours and earned a reputation as one of the top live acts in the world over the years. The band hugely contributed to the rocker’s success, and they’ve always been the strong support behind him. Let’s see what Springsteen thinks about being in such a band for years.

What Does It Mean To Be A Part Of A Band For Bruce Springsteen?


During an interview with RNZ in 2020, Bruce Springsteen reflected on how it feels working with the same people for years in the E Street Band. The musician stated that this kind of long-term collaboration is challenging to find in other types of business except for a rock band.

Later on, he revealed that he feels privileged to be a part of this band because they were able to get along for so many years, which is like a miracle. According to Bruce Springsteen, sustaining all these relationships within the band is quite challenging as it requires the band members to tolerate each other’s flaws.

After all these years, the band stuck together because all the members could tolerate each other regardless of their personal conflicts. Besides tolerance, another critical point for him is to have enough social skills to build personal and professional relationships. Springsteen stressed that it was tough to achieve all these, but it was worth it once they did.

Bruce Springsteen speaking on how it feels to be in a band:

“There is no business in the world where that occurs with the exception of a rock ‘n’ roll band. So it’s a privilege and an honor and a miracle to have sustained all those relationships over that long a period of time because it takes quite a bit of social skills and tolerance for the other guys’ foibles, point of view, and their tolerance for mine. So it’s quite challenging, but if you can do it, it’s quite rewarding.”

Bruce Springsteen’s latest tour with the E Street Band was in 2017, and their next one had been initially planned for 2020 in support of their project, ‘Letter to You,’ but they couldn’t hit the road due to COVID-19. The restrictions and precautions aren’t as strict as before, so they plan to embark on a tour soon, probably within 2022.