Myles Kennedy On Mark Tremonti’s James Hetfield-Like Contribution To New Alter Bridge Album

Myles Kennedy has been handling the rhythm guitar duties along with guitarist Mark Tremonti, creating the unique sound of Alter Bridge. The band’s latest release ‘Pawns & Kings’ showcases their guitar-playing talents at their finest. Speaking to Total Guitar, Kennedy argued that Tremonti’s contributions to the album were reminiscent of James Hetfield’s.

Alter Bridge’s seventh studio album ‘Pawns & Kings’ hit the shelves on October 14. The record focuses on Kennedy and Tremonti’s riffs, and their harmony is to the extent that one can hardly say who’s playing which part. According to Myles, Mark’s guitar playing brought life to the album, and his riffs reminded him of James Hetfield’s playing style.

“It’s like James Hetfield,” said Myles Kennedy about Mark Tremonti’s use of his right hand while playing the guitar. “Some guys have it. It’s aggression. When I’d go in to track my part, it was like, ‘I can’t wait to hear Mark play over the top and add his attack because it’ll help bring it to life.'”

Myles continued, “I think this is maybe our most involved record. Out of all the records, if somebody listened to it cold, it’d be the hardest to grasp right out of the gate because there are so many twists and turns. As an artist, you’re trying not to let the listener go: ‘This is Alter Bridge. It will do this, and then it will do that.’ We want to keep people guessing.”

So, Myles Kennedy argues that Mark Tremonti’s talented use of his right hand is a unique trait James Hetfield also has. Moreover, the musician believes ‘Pawns & Kings’ might be the hardest to grasp because it has many surprising elements which keep the fans guessing.