Who Was The Real Frontman Of Metallica In Their Early Years: James Hetfield Or Dave Mustaine

Metallica‘s original bassist Ron McGovney shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing that the frontman of the band has always been James Hetfield, not Dave Mustaine who was the original lead guitarist of Metallica and McGovney stated he revealed the truth since his fans keep asking him this question.

It was a widely known fact by Metallica fans that frontman James Hetfield was not always into singing in the early years of the band. As a matter of fact, they were still looking for a vocalist up until their third studio album, ‘Master of Puppets.’

Therefore, some fans had often misunderstood the lead vocalist when it comes to the early works of Metallica in addition to the fact that Metallica experimented with a few different vocals and guitar combinations until they decide on their final setup.

Since Ron McGovney was the original member of Metallica, apparently, he gets a bunch of questions about the matter on his social media accounts as he recently shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing that his fans won’t stop asking who was the lead singer in the early days of Metallica.

Apparently, it has always been James Hetfield who sang the vocals of the songs, however, Dave Mustaine talked between songs due to the fact that his guitar would not stay in tune in addition to singing the backup vocals on the song, ‘Killing Time.’

Here is what McGovney said:

“I’ve been getting a lot of questions about who sang vocals when we played live when I was in Metallica. James Hetfield. That’s it. Dave Mustaine did talk in between songs because his guitar wouldn’t stay in tune. Dave sang backup vocals on Killing Time. That’s it.”

You can see the Twitter post below.