Whitesnake’s David Coverdale Shares His Christmas Wish

This year, David Coverdale took his Santa Claus outfit from the storage once again and got in front of the camera to record a ‘Merry Christmas’ video for Whitesnake fans. In the video, ‘Santa Snake’ also revealed his heartfelt Christmas wish.

“I’m David Coverdale from Whitesnake,” the singer said, in case of fans don’t recognize him in his Santa outfit. “I’m dreaming of a Whitesnake Christmas, as I hope you are. I’m f*cking up my own glasses to see you. Fill your glass and raise it high to peace on Earth for all mankind. Cheers, and God bless you all. Be safe and be happy. Don’t let anybody make you afraid.”

David Coverdale, who turned 71 this year, dubbed his Santa Claus outfit pretty well. In previous years, the musician wore a Santa outfit again to record his Christmas wishes and raised his glass for peace on Earth for all humankind. This year, he wished the same for his fans, as it’s just what we all need these days.

However, it seems we won’t see Coverdale on stage with Whitesnake the following year after the Flesh And Blood farewell tour. The tour kicked off in March 2022, but the band canceled the rest of their European and North American dates due to Coverdale’s upper respiratory infection. The singer plans to retire from touring when it ends.

Speaking to Planet Rock in 2021, Coverdale said he plans to retire following the Flesh And Blood tour because he is knocking on 70s’ door. According to the musician, he will retire from touring only but continue working on new projects with Whitesnake as they still have many new ideas.