Whitesnake’s David Coverdale Clarifies If He Will Retire After The Farewell Tour

During an appearance on Planet Rock, Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale shared the details about the upcoming tours of the band. He also revealed that whether he will continue to perform with the band or not after the farewell tour.

The fans waiting impatiently for listening to the new materials of Whitesnake since the release of their 13th studio album entitled ‘Flesh & Blood’ on May 19, 2019. In one of his previous interviews, David Coverdale gave some good news to Whitesnake fans saying that they started to write and compose new songs for the upcoming projects of the band.

Whitesnake was supposed to start their farewell tour in 2020 but they had to reschedule the tour dates to 2021 and 2022 due to Coverdale’s health problems and COVID-19 restrictions. David had to undergo surgery for a bilateral inguinal hernia before the tour. Even though he recovered from the disease, the band couldn’t perform live because of the global pandemic.

In a recent interview, David Coverdale stated that they planned to start their farewell tour in 2021. However, apparently, he will be retiring after Whitesnake’s upcoming tour mainly due to his age. According to him, it was impossible to tour as they used to at the age of 70. However, he highlighted that he will only retire from live performances and will keep on producing new materials with Whitesnake.

Here is what David Coverdale said about his retirement plans:

Mine’s going to be the farewell tour because I’m knocking on 70’s door. Are you kidding?! It’s hard enough now to get into my jeans!

We’ve got a relatively long-term deal with Warner’s. We have a poop load of projects to do under the Whitesnake banner, it’s just touring. It’s not the performance so much that is exhausting, it’s touring and I can’t tour any more comfortably than I do.”

You can watch the interview below.