Whitesnake’s David Coverdale On His Super-Marriage With Adrian Vanderberg

During a recent episode of the ‘Look Back’ YouTube video series, Whitesnake lead vocalist David Coverdale reflected on his perfect harmony with the band’s former guitarist, Adrian Vandenberg.

By late 1986, Whitesnake had finished the recording process of their self-titled album, which was set to be released in early 1987. However, David Coverdale had fired the other band members. He was looking for a new lineup that would appear in the promotional materials for the album and the upcoming tour despite not playing on the songs.

Adrian Vandenberg had already caught the attention of Coverdale with his fantastic guitar and songwriting skills in the early 1980s. Yet, he didn’t want to be a member of Whitesnake due to the success of his own band Vandenberg. He later agreed to join Whitesnake, initially as a session musician during the tumultuous recording process of the band’s self-titled album.

He contributed with a guitar solo to the song, ‘Here I Go Again.’ After an extensive and highly successful tour to support the record, Coverdale informed the rest of the band that the follow-up album would be written only by him and Vanderberg. The guitarist co-wrote all of the music for the band’s eighth studio album, ‘Slip of the Tongue,’ released in 1989. Nonetheless, he couldn’t attend to the recording of the album due to a wrist injury. Coverdale recruited Steve Vai to record all the guitar parts.

David Coverdale continues to reflect on the 16 tracks remixed and remastered for Whitesnake’s ‘Greatest Hits’ collection on the band’s YouTube channel. In a recent video, he reflected on the making process of ‘Judgment Day,’ released as a part of the 1989 album ‘Slip of the Tongue,’ co-written by him and Vandenberg.

The singer said he and the guitarist had an incredibly prolific songwriting partnership. They both had different influences, which took the collaboration between them to a richer level. Still, the rocker feels sad that he had to let Vandenberg go due to a wrist injury that prevented him from playing on the album.

David Coverdale’s words on their unique songwriting partnership with Adrian Vandenberg:

Adrian and I had an amazing songwriting partnership. We were great friends, and we still are. We just take the conversation, the exchange from the dining table usually or the wine bar, and create these songs. We both had some of our influences. I was more of African-American, and he was more of the Small Faces, the Faces, and the Stones.

It was a super-marriage, and we worked hard to achieve these songs. The heartbreaking thing was on the original album; I had basically sent him home. He hurt his wrists to the point where he couldn’t play. We were three months behind the delivery.”

You can watch the rest of the video below.