Angus Young Explains How He And Malcolm Young Coped With The Death Of Bon Scott

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young spoke in a recent interview with Essentials Radio and revealed how they dealt with the passing of the vocalist of the band, Bon Scott.

As you might already know, Bon Scott joined the band after a year and they created a new era together. Unfortunately, Scott passed away in 1980 at the age of 33 due to alcohol poisoning and left his legacy in this world.

In the conversation, Angus stated that they were in shock and didn’t know what to do after the death of Scott. However, he explained how they managed to stay together and coped with the passing of Bon Scott.

According to Angus, his brother Malcolm Young called him and asked him to do what they do all the time, which is rehearsing and playing music. As Angus accepted the offer, it became much easier to handle the situation for them and that’s why they stayed together after a devastating loss.

Here is what Angus Young said:

“It was like it put you in shock, because you always kind of think the people around you and being young, you have that thing of you’re almost kind of fearless and a little bit of…

I don’t know what it is when you’re in your youth — you don’t think of dying. And so it was a kind of shock to us all and it affected everyone in different ways.

But the one element of it that held it probably together for me is Malcolm, because after a few weeks, he called me and he said, ‘What are you doing?’ And I just said, ‘I’m just moping about it, Mal.’ And he said, ‘Listen, why don’t the two of us do what we were doing before?’, which was we’d been in a rehearsal room. “

He added:

“It’s strange — that was one of the last places that we had seen Bon, was in the rehearsal room. And he said, ‘Why don’t the two of us go back to that and just work on songs and ideas and just sit and do that?’ And I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll give it a shot.’

So that’s what the two of us did that kept us going through the whole process, because he said, ‘We won’t think of anything. We’ll just do that.

We won’t think of what we’re going to do. We’ll shut off managers and record people and whatnot. We just shut all of that away and just concentrate on, focus on doing these song ideas.’ And that’s what we did.”

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