When Ozzy Osbourne Punished The Audience Who Turned Out To Be Deaf

Previously, former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne revealed that he was going to start his second farewell tour named No More Tours II in 2018. The tour began on April 27, 2018, in Jacksonville, and after he performed concerts in Europe and North America, Osbourne had to reschedule or cancel his tour dates because of ongoing health issues. He couldn’t continue his farewell tour in 2020 either due to the global pandemic.

Later, the frontman announced that No More Tours II is going to begin on January 26, 2022, in Berlin and finish on March 14, 2022, in Glasgow. His fans got sad and devastated about not being able to watch Osbourne’s live performances anymore but he emphasized that he doesn’t have any plans on retiring. Before Ozzy Osbourne went on his final tour, he recalled one of his craziest moments on the stage. Let’s look at this unforgettable stage show.

Ozzy Osbourne Threw Buckets of Water At The Audience

In one of his recent interviews with Rolling Stone Magazine, Ozzy Osbourne remembered when he performed a concert that turned out a punishment for the audience. The lead singer didn’t give any details about the performance’s place or date and he stated that he was so surprised and shocked that he couldn’t understand what was going on back then at first. During his live concert, the audience wasn’t moving and singing the songs with Osbourne.

In Osbourne’s words, he said:

“There was one night when I saw that a bunch of people were not moving to the rock & roll ­– and if someone’s not moving in the audience and not doing anything, I’ll do the show just for that person and I’ll start throwing buckets of water at these people.

As it can be understood from his statement that Osbourne was used to an audience who was as crazy as he was so the audience wasn’t acting normal. Ozzy Osbourne decided to punish or wake up the audience after he thought that they had a problem. The musician started to throw buckets of water at people that attended that concert. However, it was a failed attempt and he understood the main reason behind their behaviors.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Audience Consisted Of Deaf People

Probably after the concert, a person told Ozzy Osbourne that they weren’t moving or singing with him because they were all deaf. He described these interesting moments saying that he felt like an idiot who tried to make deaf people move by using buckets of water. In addition, Osbourne didn’t understand why deaf people came to his concert but later he learned that they could feel the rhythm and read his lips.

Consequently, Osbourne’s futile punishment became one of the memories that he can’t still forget after many years. That’s why he chose this memory when the journalist asked about his most memorable concert. His fans also got very surprised about the audience that consisted of deaf people and wanted to get more details about the show and after it. They shared their comments on this interesting concert through their social media accounts.

Osbourne added:

“Then someone told me the reason they’re not moving or getting into the concert is that they’re all deaf. I felt like quite an idiot at the time, lashing them with buckets of water and hosing them down. They were just standing there. Why does a deaf person want to go to a rock concert? I couldn’t understand that but I was told they feel the rhythm. It was quite interesting.”

You can check out the photo below.