Jon Bon Jovi Clarifies Whether Richie Sambora Lied On New Bon Jovi Doc

Jon Bon Jovi recently spoke on New York’s Q104.3 radio station about the honesty of the new Bon Jovi documentary, ‘Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story.’

The host asked about the truth of Richie Sambora’s words in the upcoming film’s trailer. The former Bon Jovi member said:

“I’m excited. Are we telling the truth, or are we going to lie? What are we going to do?”

Jon’s Thoughts On Sambora’s Honesty

Jon replied, sharing what he thinks about Sambora’s statements:

“He told the truth. He told his truth, which, you know, if you really want to get on the psychiatrist couch with all of us, everybody’s truths are going to be shades of what they remember best, and I have no issues with anything that anybody said in the film. There’s nothing but love in the movie. But it’s honest, and it’s a reflection of who and what we are as boys who turned into men and are still here.”

Sambora Talks About Leaving Bon Jovi

Richie’s exit from the band is also part of the upcoming docuseries. In the trailer, the rocker said the following about his departure:

“I don’t regret leaving, but I regret how I did it.”

The band members talked a bit about when Sambora left the band. They said they wanted to keep going after he left suddenly one night. The guitarist added:

“I went out of here, and what I meant was out of Bon Jovi.”

Other Details About The Film

In an earlier chat this month, Jon told Ultimate Classic Rock that he didn’t talk to Richie during the film’s production. Jon explained that the director, Gotham Chopra, handled everything, and they wanted it to give the real story.

The docuseries includes chats with Bruce Springsteen, Tico Torres, and many others. It will premiere on April 26 on Hulu and internationally on Disney+. Jon Bon Jovi recently announced a new single named ‘Legendary.’ It’s from their upcoming album called ‘Forever.’ He believes it’s their best music in 20 years.

Below, you can watch the singer’s full interview and the film’s trailer.