When Kirk Hammett Described James Hetfield’s Lyrics As ‘Confrontational’


One of the most famous and popular metal bands in the world, Metallica, was founded in 1981 by drummer Lars Ulrich and lead vocalist James Hetfield who responded to Ulrich’s advertisement in a Los Angeles newspaper, The Recycler. Metallica had to face several line-up changes, but Ulrich and Hetfield never left the band as its founding members. They also served as the band’s lead leaders who determine Metallica’s artistic direction.

Metallica released ten studio albums all of which almost became best-selling records that hit the charts all around the world. Their songs also received very positive reviews from the fans and music critics with the help of their well-crafted lyrics and sounds. Therefore, Metallica members’ talents as musicians and songwriters drew greater attention than the other metal and rock bands. The man behind these remarkable lyrics is often Metallica frontman, James Hetfield.

James Hetfield’s Talent As A Songwriter


James Hetfield wrote almost every song’s lyrics except for a few on which he collaborated with the other Metallica members. The frontman was inspired by his childhood experiences, pains, challenges, and other tragedies that he had been through while working on the lyrics. Hetfield’s most common themes are religion, military, loss, retribution, rage, insanity, suicide, redemption, monsters, drugs, and many more which can be described as ‘sad but true.’

Music critics and other musicians from various bands generally find Hetfield’s lyrics as unique, realistic, influential, and well-written. So it can be said that the Metallica lead singer proved his talent not only as a singer but also as a songwriter. Many young generation hard rock and metal bands defined Hetfield as their inspiration while writing their songs. Also, his bandmates shared their comments on the lyrics in various interviews that they joined. Let’s look at what Kirk Hammett said about them.

Kirk Hammett’s Comment On James Hetfield’s Lyrics


During his previous appearance on an MTV interview, Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett highlighted that they were living in the same area, and there wasn’t any age gap between them. Thus, the guitarist stated that both he and the other Metallica members could understand the truth behind James Hetfield’s words before the lead singer explained their meanings to them since they had similar ideas on these subjects.

In addition, Kirk Hammett expressed his thoughts and feelings about Hetfield’s skill as a songwriter saying that his lyrics are ‘confrontational’ to draw attention to its argumentative side about certain topics such as religion, love, mental health, and death. The guitarist added that he ‘believed in everything that James writes about’ and it seems that he will always continue to support his bandmate by standing behind his words.

In Hammett’s words, he said:

“James writes a majority of the lyrics and we all tended to think that the same. Because we all live in the same area, we’re all the same age, and in the same situation. Being as tight and close as a unit as we are, we tend to think alike in the way James thinks. It makes sense with the way we think naturally. I think James’ lyrics are very confrontational, I mean they address the situation and I believe in everything that James writes about. I stand behind it also.

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