Joe Bonamassa Says His Guitar Duel With Eric Gales Was Not A Competition

During a recent interview with Guitar World, Joe Bonamassa talked about the guitar duel he had with Eric Gales in 2019. The guitarist revealed that it was a fun provocation for both of them to do the best they could do.

Eric Gales and Joe Bonamassa have been close friends since the ’90s, and they have also collaborated in the music scene. Although Gales distanced himself from music due to his substance addiction, he returned to his element after managing to preserve his sobriety. Bonamassa agreed to produce Eric Gales’ ‘Crown’ album, recently released on January 28, 2022.

Joe Bonamassa is one of the producers of the album along with Josh Smith, and he also contributed to the album’s first single, ‘I Want My Crown.’ Bonamassa recalled inviting Eric Gales to play with him on the stage during his annual Keeping the Blues Alive cruise in the Mediterranean in 2019, which helped them reconnect. It was the first time they played together on the stage in 25 years.

They also performed an unforgettable guitar duel during their latest appearance, which has over 3 million views on Youtube. Joe Bonamassa recalled this famous guitar battle and said that it was a really fun experience for both of them. He revealed that they had a friendly duel, so it was not fierce competition. All they tried to do was push each other to do their best. Bonamassa thinks it must also be fun for the audience to see them trying to top each other.

Joe Bonamassa speaking on the guitar duel that took place between him and Eric Gales:

“Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned guitar battle? That was so much fun. Everyone wanted to see Eric and me go at it in a friendly way. And it has to be just like that: it’s not a competition, it’s about spurring each other on in a playful, ‘Can you top this?’ way. It’s really fun for us, and I think it’s fun for the audience to see each of us trying to ‘outdo’ one another, raising the bar as we go.”

You can watch the amazing guitar duel and listen to Eric Gales’ new album ‘Crown’ through Spotify below.