Avril Lavigne Shows Her Excitement About Her New Album By Hinting She Might Make Another One

Avril Lavigne took her official Instagram account to share a new picture of herself and excited the fans by hinting about her upcoming album.

Back in May 2020, Avril Lavigne announced that she will record new materials that could be used as her new album. In December, she revealed that he has been working with the producers like Mod Sun, Travis Barker, Machine Gun Kelly, and more.

Furthermore, she also showed her newest project, which is a collaboration with Mod Sun, and appeared in his song named Flames in January 2021, and it was proof that she has been working on new projects.

Yesterday, Avril finally confirmed that she has been recording an album and called out to her producer about making another one. In this way, she showed how great this album is to the community.

Here is what Avril Lavigne said:

As we wrap up my new album we let off a little steam… John Feldy you’re a true punk in and outta the studio. I fuckin luv u. And I love this album so much🥰….Should we keep going ??? Make another one?”

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