When Jon Bon Jovi Questioned Mick Jagger And Bob Dylan’s Singing Abilities

Jon Bon Jovi is, without question, among the most influential and charismatic rock frontpeople of all time. With his charming look, which defies the years, energetic stage performances, and prolific music career, which spans almost five decades, the musician is still an important figure in the rock music scene.

Apart from Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones’ iconic frontman Mick Jagger and the talented musician Bob Dylan are also of great importance in music history. With their music careers which consist of many great worldwide hits, both musicians have influenced many artists throughout the years. However, although their success is well known, it seems Jon Bon Jovi has different opinions about the two. Let’s learn what Jovi said about Jagger and Dylan.

Bon Jovi Said Mick Jagger And Bob Dylan Wouldn’t Win X Factor

In a 2018 interview with Sky News’s Kay Burley, Jon Bon Jovi made an interesting remark about the two of the most influential figures in the rock music scene: Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan. At some point during the conversation, Burley said that new music bands tend to go to the television programs like X-Factor at the beginning of their music career to achieve fame. She then asked Jovi whether he considers it a shortcut to fame.

As a response, Jovi said a singer might get an opportunity to achieve fame using a shortcut if they go on TV. However, he added that a great singer isn’t necessarily a great artist. Then, the musician mentioned Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, and Bruce Springsteen and claimed they probably wouldn’t have won X-Factor, but they are among the greatest rock and roll artists. Saying a great singer can end up working on cruise ships, Jovi added that what matters is the song and whether the singer can convey its message.

In the interview, Jon Bon Jovi argued the following:

“If you’re suggesting that a singer who goes on those shows then has a shortcut to fame because of television, sure. There’s an opportunity. But a great singer is not necessarily what makes a great artist. Case in point: with all due respect, would Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, or Bruce Springsteen have won X Factor? Probably not. But they’re the greatest artists of rock and roll.

You could be a great singer and end up working on a cruise ship. What really matters is, do you have the song, and are you able to convey that message? So, the era has changed, but it’s really about the song.

Below, you can watch the interview where Jon Bon Jovi made this claim.