When Dave Grohl Visited Lemmy Kilmister’s Startling Home

Lemmy Kilmister is known to be one of the most applauded rockers of all time, and his name isn’t disappearing even after his saddening death in 2015. Motörhead’s founder had interactions with many musicians and unconsciously gave them inspiration for their music. His band has been one of the most prominent acts in the metal genre.

Apart from being an influential musician, many remembered Kilmister as a fantastic person. After his death, there have been many tributes from his fans, friends, and fellow musicians. Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl was one of them who was upset when he passed away. Two years after this loss, Grohl talked about the first time he went to Kilmister’s house, and although he is a big fan, he was horrified by it.

Why Was Dave Grohl Horrified With Kilmister’s House?

In an interview with Apple Music, David Grohl remembered when he first visited Lemmy Kilmister’s house. According to Grohl, Kilmister was having a very messy, carefree life. Once he went to his house, he faced a scene from ‘Pulp Fiction.’ Being a massive fan of the guitarist, Grohl didn’t refrain from talking about all the horrifying things he saw once he entered his house.

The rocker stated that he thought he would be assassinated even before entering the house. Once he did, Grohl saw a living room full of porn and Nazi collection items. He emphasized that Kilmister wasn’t a Nazi, but he collected some objects related to those awful times. While he thought things couldn’t worsen, the Nirvana icon saw Kilmister on the couch with only a g-string which was a view he cannot forget.

About visiting Kilmister’s home first time, Grohl said:

“I was flipping out. Once you get to the building, it’s like that weird ‘Pulp Fiction’ scene. So I’m walking in like, ‘Am I about to get assassinated right now?‘ Then I look up to the balcony, and there’s a guy who works for him saying, ‘Up here!’ So I go up, and I walk into the apartment. It was just like a hoarder maze of porn, magazines, f*cking Nazi stuff all over the place. God bless him, he wasn’t a Nazi, but he collected that sh*t.

I come around the corner, and he’s sitting there on the couch in his f*cking g-string underwear that I’ll never forget. It had a black widow right on the d*ck. It was black, his black widow, and f*cking nothing else on; he’d just dyed his hair black. He’s on the phone doing a phone interview, and there’s a f*cking video game on pause on the TV. I sit down on the couch like, ‘What is going on right now?'”

Grohl headed off to the bathroom and further described what he saw there:

“He goes, ‘Want a drink?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ The way he did it was so cool, this dude in the kitchen had the ice and coke, but Lemmy kept the bottle right next to him. I walked into the bathroom, and I think he had just dyed his hair because it looked like someone had just blown their head off in the f*cking sink.

I’m peeing, and I go to wash my hands, and I’m like, ‘Oh sh*t, where’s the towel?’ I’m like, ‘No, no, no, dirty robes are hanging on this thing,’ and I’m like, ‘F*ck!’ I go to barely touch one, and they all fall to the ground. There’s cologne everywhere. It was the greatest day of my entire life. In every room, there was a video game on a TV paused.”

Kilmister was enjoying the life of a rock star and was heavily involved in alcohol, drugs, and an unbothered lifestyle. Even though Grohl was a massive fan of his, the experience was unforgettable and terrifying. However, Grohl was eventually happy because he described it as the most incredible day he had ever lived.