Flea Shares His Ritual To Let RHCP Fans Play His Entry Into Note ’Under The Bridge’


Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Flea posted a video of a fan playing the entry note to ‘Under the Bridge’ on his official Instagram account, giving an insight into the tradition he does every time the band plays the song.

RHCP recently released their latest album ‘Unlimited Love.’ To support the album, the band started touring the UK and Europe. Although they went through a mishap like rescheduling their show in Glasgow due to an illness, they are still on the road performing and meeting fans.

The band holds brief conversations with their followers before the shows during the tour. At one of these meetings, a video emerged of Flea and Anthony Kiedis having a candid conversation with his fans. While some people stated that Flea didn’t want to take a photo, he explained that taking photos ruins the raw conversation he wanted to have with RHCP fans.

Flea stated that letting a fan play the entry note to ‘Under the Bridge’ has become a tradition with RHCP fans. In the video he posted, a young boy could feel the song’s rhythm and played the entry note correctly. Flea shared that the young boy’s sister had done the same with great confidence a few nights before.

Flea’s IG post caption read:

“As tradition has it, whenever we play ‘Under the Bridge,’ I ask someone by the side of the stage to play my entry note into the song. I turn the volume off; they strike the low e string in a timely manner, then I roll it in nice and smooth. Last night this soulful young man hit it, and I could tell he felt the rhythm in his heart. To make matters better, his sister rocked it with great aplomb just a few nights before!”

You can watch the official video of the song below.