The Heartbreaking Speech Dave Grohl Delivered In Lemmy Kilmister’s Funeral


Lemmy Kilmister became a worldwide famous and commercially successful musician as Motörhead’s frontman and bassist. He’s still described as one of the most talented guitarists of all time that had a great influence on many young musicians even years after his death. Unfortunately, Kilmister was diagnosed with cancer and soon later he passed away which was considered a great tragedy by his friends and family.

The legendary guitarist passed away due to a highly aggressive form of cancer on his neck and brain on December 28, 2015, two days after discovering he had cancer and four days after his birthday. Motörhead fans, Kilmister’s bandmates, colleagues, and close friends were devastated especially after they learned about his disease and death from the band’s statement. As one of his close friends, Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl couldn’t say goodbye to Kilmister easily.

The Relationship Between Lemmy Kilmister And Dave Grohl


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has always been a huge fan of Lemmy Kilmister and he couldn’t forget the first time when he met the legendary musician. Grohl and Kilmister met twenty years ago when Dave approached Kilmister to express his thoughts and feelings about him. He stated that Lemmy was his musical hero and revealed that Kilmister was such a kind person that he shared his condolences on Kurt Cobain’s death when they first met.

Even though Grohl thought that he probably wouldn’t see him again, Kilmister and he collaborated on different projects along with becoming close friends. The late guitarist took place on Grohl’s heavy metal side project ‘Probot’ which was released on February 10, 2004, and they performed ‘Shake Your Blood’ together. In addition, Dave Grohl and Lemmy Kilmister had countless unforgettable memories some of which the Foo Fighters frontman shared at his funeral.

Dave Grohl’s Eulogy To Lemmy Kilmister


Lemmy Kilmister’s funeral took place at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills, on January 9, 2016, and Dave Grohl made a heartbreaking speech at the funeral. He talked about their first meeting and drew attention to Kilmister’s kindness once again by highlighting that he was not only ‘a gun-slinging whiskey-drinking badass rock star’ but also a very good man. Then, he defined his hero becoming his friend as one of the best things of his life.

Here’s what Grohl said:

There’s not enough time for me to tell you how much Lemmy meant to me, and all the amazing experiences I had with him.

The first time I met Lemmy was at fucken Crazy Girls about twenty years ago, and I was walking back from the mens’ room, and on the way back, I looked to my left and I saw Lemmy by himself in the corner on a video game. It blew my mind. I knew that I couldn’t just go say something because he was on his own in the corner.

On the way out I thought, ‘I have to say something. He’s my hero. He’s the one true rock ’n ’roller that bridged my love of AC/DC and Sabbath and Zeppelin with my love of GBH and the Ramones and Black Flag. So I walked up and said, ‘Excuse me, Lemmy, I don’t want to bother you, but you’ve influenced me so much, you’re my musical hero. I’m a musician. I play in the Foo Fighters, and I was in Nirvana. He looked up from the video game, and the first thing he ever said to me was, ‘Sorry about your friend Kurt.'”

Furthermore, Dave Grohl revealed that Lemmy Kilmister also met his mother, wife, and little daughter then became a member of his family. He reminded everyone that his hero was so thoughtful that he put out his cigarette as soon as he saw Grohl’s little baby in the crib. Grohl added that they both love Little Richard and he was able to meet him and take a signed bible pamphlet from the musician thanks to Kilmister.

Grohl’s emotional speech at Lemmy’s funeral read:

“At that moment he revealed this gun-slinging, whiskey-drinking badass, motherfucking rock star to be this gun-slinging whiskey-drinking badass mother f’cking rockstar with a heart, and I walked away thinking if I never see him again, that’s enough, for the rest of my life. Then we became friends. It’s one thing when you have a hero, but it’s another when your hero becomes your friend.

Over the years I have had a lot of great stories of going to his apartment, and walking through the aisles of pornos … or going to the Rainbow and ordering two Jack and cokes and the waitress brings two Jack and cokes and he’s fucking male Or the one time I text him and say, ‘hey man, my band’s playing at the Pantaras Theatre tonight you should come down check it out,’ I said ‘it’s an acoustic show, it’s not like a big rock gig.’

An hour later, I’m downstairs backstage, and I hear fucking Motörhead blaring out of the dressing room, and I get so excited, ‘finally, someone else in the band’s listening to f’cking Motörhead!’ and I open up the door and Lemmy, by himself listening to Motörhead. My mom was there, so I say to Lemmy, I want you to come and meet my mom, so we walk across the hallway, and in that room was my mother, and my wife, and my daughter who was a baby I think she was six months old at the time. So Lemmy walks in with his drink, and his cigarette, ‘that Lemmy, from Motörhead’.

Then he looks and he sees that there’s a baby in a crib, and he puts out his cigarette in his drink, and he puts the drink down. Now to most people that would seem like nothing. However, to me, that was my hero putting out his cigarette in his drink and putting it aside because my daughter was there in the room.”

Grohl also wanted to read the lyrics of the gospel song ‘Precious Lord Take My Hand’ sung by Little Richard at the end of his eulogy to Lemmy Kilmister. Actually, it was supposed to be a birthday gift for him but he passed away a short time later his birthday so it became a gift which will never be given. Consequently, it can be said that Dave Grohl’s farewell to his dear friend and hero Lemmy will be always one of the saddest ones.

Grohl went on:

So I think what everybody has always known, at least where I am today, is that Lemmy was not only that gun-slinging whiskey-drinking badass mother fucking rock n roll star, but he had the biggest heart and he set such a great example because he was so kind to everyone, people he didn’t know, people he known for years, he was so kind.

He and I shared a love of Little Richard.

I always said that if there was one person I could meet it would be Little Richard. Because who’s more badass than Little Richard? One day I was in the airport, at LAX and I was standing on a curb and a guy came up and said, ‘Hey I heard from Lemmy Kilmister that you wanted to meet Little Richard?’


‘Well, that’s my dad.’

‘What?’ It’s true. We walk over to this limousine, and he taps on the window, and the window comes down a little bit, and it’s fucken Little Richard sitting there! Oh my god. This guy. Windows comes all the way down. Little Richard says, ‘I got blessings for you … ‘ And he signs this bible pamphlet for me and hands it to me, and I kept it. I wanted to give it to him on his birthday. So this is a song Little Richard sang, and I thought I’d read it. It’s called ‘Precious Lord Take My Hand’

You can check out the video and song below.