May Pang Reveals Yoko Ono’s Surprising Reaction To John Lennon Reunion

May Pang, John Lennon‘s former personal assistant and lover, recently opened up about Yoko Ono‘s happiness (or lack thereof) with the legendary musician. In an interview with the Guardian, Pang shared a particularly revealing conversation she had with Ono after Lennon had returned to her. According to Pang, Ono’s response hinted at her uncertainty about ever finding true happiness with Lennon.

Also, a new documentary called ‘The Lost Weekend: A Love Story‘ is about to hit the screens on April 13. The film dives into the intriguing relationship between John Lennon and May Pang during a time when Lennon and Ono were on a break. Interestingly, it was Ono herself who encouraged Pang to become Lennon’s girlfriend, even though Pang was hesitant at first.

Speaking in a new interview, May shared that her conversation with Ono raised questions about the real dynamics of the Lennon-Ono relationship. From her account, it seemed that Ono wasn’t exactly thrilled about having Lennon back in her life, despite being the one who orchestrated the reunion.

Pang’s statements about Yoko Ono’s reaction to having Lennon back in her life:

“I said: ‘Congratulations. You got John back. You should be very happy now.’ Her response was very interesting to me. She said: “Happy? I don’t know if I’ll ever be happy.’ To me, that didn’t sound like somebody warmly inviting that person back into their life.”

As for Pang’s own relationship with Lennon, she’s given us a rare glimpse into their 18-month romance. While the documentary will undoubtedly shed more light on this tumultuous period, it’s fascinating to hear Pang’s perspective on the matter. It’s clear that the triangle between Lennon, Pang, and Ono was anything but simple.

May Pang’s recent interview has left fans with some thought-provoking insights into the legendary love story between John Lennon and Yoko Ono. As we eagerly await the release of ‘The Lost Weekend: A Love Story,’ we’re left wondering about the true nature of their relationship and what it means for the history of rock ‘n’ roll.