When Courtney Love Saw Kurt Cobain’s Ghost

Courtney Love might seem not much affected by the hate and accusations she received over the years, but it seems that the Hole frontwoman is still haunted by her relationship with Kurt Cobain. The ‘haunting,’ however, isn’t necessarily bad.

Love was speaking with Interview Magazine in 2019 and answering her famous friends’ questions when actor Joshua Boone asked whether she’d ever seen a ghost. Courtney said:

“When I moved to Hancock Park from Seattle with Frances and Edward [Norton, Love’s ex-boyfriend], I saw Kurt in a chair for a moment and he said hi to me and then he left.”

Then, she took on another question, this time by Gwyneth Paltrow, who asked how grief had been shaping her life. Hole frontwoman answered:

“There are these stages in Buddhism: hell, hunger, animality, anger. All anyone wants is a proper service, proper burial, all that stuff. But it’s really hard to deal with emotionally. With [Kurt’s] estate, you have to be ruthless. I have a kid.”

Love then further detailed the troubles she’d been having with Cobain’s estate, and how she was trying to deal with her ‘grief’ during all these:

“There are still, like, 12 lawyers in Washington, 12 lawyers in California, and, like, six lawyers in New York. It’s insane. History is set of facts that gets incredibly distorted, and the right side of history needs proper stewardship. It’s really hard to do that. There’s shock. There’s turmoil. There’s lament. There’s relinquishing. There’s remembrance There are huge swings of emotion. There’s fake smiling.”

She continued, admitting how she found handling her sorrow, sometimes, quite challenging:

“The game’s not over yet, but one really pertinent thing about grief is to not let anyone tell you that it should be over: ‘It’s been 15 years, it should be over now.’ ‘It’s been 25 years, you should be over it by now.’ You get over it when you get over it, which is probably never.”

Although Courtney had been accused of numerous conspiracies regarding her husband’s passing, you can check out here to read why, maybe, without any conspiracy, Cobain’s mental health and, eerily, his favorite book foreshadowed his tragic and untimely suicide.