When Axl Rose Was Accused Of Biting A Security

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose may have one of the most outrageous reputations when it comes to causing a scene either with other musicians or random people. The singer has a unique way of attracting trouble as he’s known for his sharp tongue that caused countless feuds with other artists including Kurt Cobain, Slash, Jon Bon Jovi, and many more.

Although there is plenty of stories about the singer that may surprise you, we’re here today to take a closer look at this one time Rose was arrested. While being arrested doesn’t sound unusual for a rock star, the Guns N’ Roses vocalist was actually accused of biting a security guard’s leg under the influence.

Axl Rose Was Arrested After Attacking A Guard

The incident didn’t take place in the 1980s or 1990s, in fact, it all happened while Axl Rose was on tour in Sweden in 2006. Apparently, Rose started to have a verbal fight with a woman in the lobby of his hotel. While it was unclear what caused the fight, a security guard tried to intervene to calm the nerves between the two.

Since the GNR singer was under the influence of alcohol, he attacked and threatened the guard as well as allegedly bit his leg in the meantime. Following the incident, police arrived at the hotel, and Rose was arrested for his actions in addition to damaging the Berns Hotel.

The musician spent most of the day in a Stockholm jail cell as he was too drunk to be questioned right after the incident. The day after, Rose was given a fine of $5,500 and had to pay $1,360 to the security guard. As a result, the rocker was released from jail that evening but his actions went down to the list of crazy actions of Axl Rose.