What Is David Crosby’s Net Worth In 2021? Did He Sell His Entire Music Catalog Including His CSNY Material?

The legendary musician and songwriter, David Crosby has been pursuing a very successful professional music career for a long time. Especially the songs that he wrote and played for The Byrds and CSNY as one of their founding members brought great commercial success and popularity to both himself and the other band members. Even though he claimed that he didn’t have millions right now, his impressive net worth drew the attention of the fans.

Crosby began recording his solo works owing to producer Jim Dickson in 1963 and then he founded a band named Jet Set with Jim McGuinn as the guitarist and vocalist and Gene Clark as the singer and songwriter. They recruited Michael Clarke as the drummer and Chris Hillman as the bassist of the band. Their name was changed to The Byrds and the success and popularity came with their first debut studio album, ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ in 1965.

David Crosby Net Worth $10 Million

After Gene Clark left the band in 1966, Crosby became the primary songwriter and creative head of The Byrds. Even though ‘Fifth Dimension’ and ‘Younger Than Yesterday’ achieved very positive views and popularity, Crosby was dismissed from the band because of his personal problems with the band members in 1968. When he met with Stephen Stills, they got along well and started to play together. A short time later, Graham Nash joined them and they became Crosby, Stills & Nash.

The band released their debut studio album, ‘Crosby, Stills & Nash’ on May 29, 1969, and it became a great hit by being sold more than four million copies. Neil Young also joined the band during the recording process of their second studio album entitled ‘Déjà Vu.’ Since then, the band was called CSNY and released commercially successful hits. However, their friendship and creative unity ended because of their personal problems with each other.

Did David Crosby Sell His Entire Music Catalog?

Even though CSNY will never perform or create new material again, its legacy is set in stone whose records are quite valuable. After Bob Dylan announced that he sold almost his every song to Universal for $300 million, Crosby also stated that he would do the same.

When his fans wanted to know the reason why he considered selling his music, David mentioned that it was not easy for him to perform live anymore. He also pointed out the effect of streaming platforms on the music industry which caused the musicians receive less revenues than they would get from the sales of the albums. Even if he has a $10 million net worth, Crosby implied that it wasn’t enough for his debts and expenses.