Wolfgang Van Halen Confirms Using His Father Eddie’s Pedalboard During Mammoth WVH Live Shows

Wolfgang Van Halen recently shared a fun fact on his Twitter account which was about still using his father’s pedalboard.

The former bassist of Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen followed a solo career after Eddie Van Halen’s death and the band’s disbandment. As a solo effort, Wolfgang formed a new band named Mammoth WVH in 2020. Moreover, on June 11 he released his debut solo record under the name of his new band, in which he played all the instruments.

As it is known, Wolfgang has a strong desire to have his own style and not imitate his beloved father. He claims every time possible that he is trying to follow his own unique path to become a successful musician. However, during a conversation with Total Guitar, when he was asked whether he has used any of Eddie’s equipment, he responded that he played his father’s original Frankenstein on the solos of ‘Mammoth’ and ‘Feel.’

According to Wolfgang’s recent tweet, his father’s guitar is not the only thing he uses. In the tweet, Wolfgang said that as they started late in rehearsals, it was going to take too long to build a pedalboard themselves. For that reason, he confessed that he uses the same pedalboard his father made and used in 2012, for the Cafe Wha? show. Wolfgang then said Eddie built it because he needed a smaller one, and now he is happy to have it.

Wolfgang Van Halen’s tweet read:

“Fun fact: it was gonna take too long to build a pedalboard from scratch (because we started late in rehearsals) so my board is the same one my dad had made/used for the Cafe Wha? show in 2012, because he needed a smaller one. Happy it’s with me.

You can see the pedal he is talking about below in Wolfgang’s tweet.