What Happened To ‘Nobody’s Wife’ Singer Anouk


Anouk Teeuwe was first introduced to music through her mother, a blues singer. However, she ran away from home at the age of fourteen and ended up living in several care homes. She made her breakthrough with her second rock single, ‘Nobody’s Wife,’ and rode that wave with numerous hit records that were featured on the Dutch and Belgian charts. Anouk has released twelve studio albums, exploring genres such as Anglophonic rock, pop, and adult contemporary.

Many of her albums topped the Dutch album charts, and most of them went Platinum. Anouk was also the singer who brought the Netherlands to the finals in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013. She sang the song ‘Birds,’ which was a hit back home but also allowed her to finish the contest as 9th. Despite the ups and downs in her music career and private life, she gained fame with her art.

The Song That Made Anouk Famous


In 1994 Anouk began her short-lived Rotterdam Conservatory life before she was introduced to people from the music industry who could help her with her musical journey. She initially worked with Golden Earring frontman Barry Hay and was later introduced to Bart van Veen, and that meeting changed her life.

Bart van Veen and Anouk worked on several songs together, and ‘Nobody’s Wife’ was one of them. The song was released in 1997 and remained at the top of the Dutch Top 40 and the Single Top 100 charts for several weeks. The song even traveled to countries like Norway and Sweden and became a hit. ‘Nobody’s Wife’ was the second single of Anouk’s debut album ‘Together Alone,’ a mega-hit for a newbie who had barely started her career.

Aside from her thriving career that began with ‘Nobody’s Wife,’ Anouk’s personal life was also very eventful. She currently has six children and has been married three times. The song seems like a personal letter to a partner. It is her way of expressing her emotions and the things she believes she did wrong. Anouk states that she understands that there were times that she should’ve done more, but this is who she is. She exclaims that she can’t change herself to fit into anyone’s life.

Although there isn’t concrete evidence to support that her personal experiences as a wife inspired the song, fans assume that the track is her way of letting the audience into her life behind the scenes. Her emotional way of singing the song’s lyrics reflects how hard she has tried to conform to society’s and her husbands’ expectations but has failed.

Why Did Anouk Quit The Voice Of Holland?


This year The Voice of Holland underwent police investigations to clear out the air regarding some horrible rumors. There were several allegations of sexual misconduct by the show’s crew members. As a result, the broadcaster and production company ITV decided to launch an investigation before continuing with the following season. After some research, many people came out to reveal their experiences.

One of the people allegedly involved in sexual misconduct was the band leader of The Voice of Holland, Jeroen Rietbergen. There were reports that Rietbergen would promise the contestants that they would advance to the next round in exchange for sexual activities. Soon after the allegations against him, he published a statement admitting to being involved in sexual misbehavior for years. Although he denied all allegations, there were also several involving Ali B, who had been a part of the show for nine seasons.

At the beginning of the year, Anouk Teeuwe shared that she had decided to leave The Voice of Holland. After becoming aware of the numerous horrible sexual misconduct scandals behind the scenes, the singer announced her decision to depart through her official Instagram account.

She stated that it was a major disappointment that even though something this horrible was happening, most people decided to turn their heads and do nothing to make it right. She added that she didn’t want to be complicit and encourage this type of behavior and that she would not return to the coach chair.

Anouk’s words on Instagram read:

The news is so saddening and a major disappointment. I know enough. I’ve decided I don’t want to return to The Voice. It’s a corrupt mess. I don’t want to work at a place where men have, for years, abused their positions and where others have chosen to keep the misconduct silent and look the other way. You just can’t do that. You’ve got structural issues when you do that. I do not wish to be part of such behaviour, that’s just not me. So, therefore, I will not return to The Voice of Holland.”

Although Teeuwe has been a successful coach on The Voice of Holland since 2015, her time with the show ended. Through the years she worked as a coach, her talents managed to win the show three times, including the last two seasons with Sophia Kruithof and Dani van Velthoven.

You can enjoy ‘Nobody’s Wife’ below.