Vivian Campbell Explains The Story Behind His Guitar’s Name ‘Lily’

In their recent Instagram post, Def Leppard shared a video in which longtime guitarist Vivian Campbell opened up about one of his iconic guitars’ names. The short story that Campbell told put a smile on the people that heard it, and they revealed this in their comments.

Campbell has two daughters with his ex-wife Julie Campbell, and as a father, he has a very close relationship with his children despite his busy working schedule. Sometimes it was probably hard to spend time with them between recording sessions and tours, but the guitarist worked hard not to miss their special moments. Also, the musician didn’t see his time with Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, and Def Leppard as his most significant achievements.

According to the Def Leppard guitarist, his daughters inspired him so much and defined them as the best things he had, which he unveiled in one of his conversations with uDiscover Music. Therefore, how Campbell named one of his signature guitars, a red acoustic J-200 Gibson, wasn’t a surprise for people that have known him for a long time. It took place years ago when his elder daughter Lily was a kid.

Lily asked his father whether she could get the red guitar after Campbell passed away, and the guitarist responded to this interesting question by saying, ‘Okay.’ Consequently, the Def Leppard icon decided to name this Gibson’ Lily,’ which reminds him of this hilarious conversation between him and his daughter. Campbell’s using this equipment can show his endless love for his child, Lily Campbell, who is a grown-up woman now.

Def Leppard’s IG post read as follows:

“Every guitar has a story. Here’s one from Viv about his acoustic.”

The musician went on to say:

“This is my red acoustic J-200 Gibson; it’s called ‘Lily’ after my elder daughter. When Lily was little, she said, ‘Daddy, when you die, can I have that red guitar?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, Okay.’ So I named it after her so that she knows it’s hers.”

The guitarist’s story about his acoustic guitar was heart whelming and got kind comments on Instagram. So, other Def Leppard members can share their own in the following posts soon. There is no doubt that these statements strengthen the connection between the band and the fans.