Vinnie Moore On UFO’s Plans After Phil Mogg’s Health Scare

Under the glare of the spotlight, Vinnie Moore, the guitar maestro of the rock band UFO, recently sat down with Guitar World for an exclusive interview. The conversation naturally veered towards the health scare of Phil Mogg, the band’s charismatic frontman. Mogg’s sudden heart attack and subsequent surgery had sent shockwaves through the music industry and fan community, leading to a pause in UFO’s long-anticipated ’50th Anniversary Tour.’

Moore, who has been sharing the stage with Mogg since 2003, spoke candidly about his comrade’s health ordeal. When Phil Mogg’s health scare hit, it wasn’t just a professional setback for Vinnie Moore and the band but a personal jolt. Vinnie was visibly worried about Phil’s well-being. Keep in mind the musician not only had a heart attack but had to have surgery on two of his arteries last year.

The rocker shed light on UFO’s journey in the wake of Mogg’s health scare. The band had been eagerly anticipating the culmination of their ’50th Anniversary Tour,’ a journey that was meant to be Mogg’s swan song before retirement. However, the universe had other plans. Phil’s health scare abruptly halted the tour, leaving fans and the band alike in suspense. According to Vinnie, it’s a waiting game to see whether the physical therapy will do the trick to get Phill back on stage to finish off the tour.

Vinnie Moore’s words about UFO’s plans after Phil Mogg’s health scare read:

“It’s a wait-and-see situation to see how Phil’s physical therapy goes. I do think he wants to go on and do more shows, as he felt things ended on something of a sour note with having to cancel dates, so I think he’d much rather we went out on a high. He’s definitely in very good spirits, though.”

Although there’s a sense of unfinished business, a desire to conclude the band’s journey on a high note rather than the abrupt interruption caused by Mogg’s health scare, him getting better is far more important. So the band’s plans, much like Mogg’s recovery, are a waiting game. In the meantime, Vinnie’s 10th solo studio album ‘Double Exposure’ released last year, is the next best thing!