UFO’s Phil Mogg Gives An Update On His Health Status After Heart Attack

In a recent post shared on the band’s Facebook page, UFO‘s Phil Mogg brought his fans up to date about how he currently feels after having a heart attack that caused him to be admitted to the hospital.

UFO announced its 50th Anniversary Tour in 2019, but the tour had to be postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. The tour was supposed to be Phil Mogg’s last run before he retired, but the vocalist decided to stay on and be a part of the anniversary tour scheduled for this year.

While the band was in the middle of the tour, which had been years in the making, Mogg had a heart attack that took him to the emergency care unit. The vocalist had to have an operation to place stents into two arteries. The health scare of their frontman resulted in the band canceling the remaining dates of their European tour as the musician was in no position to get on the stage.

The band recently shared a personal message from Mr. Mogg himself on Facebook, in which he updated their fans about his health status. The frontman thanked his fans for the sweet messages he received while recovering. He added that he is being very well taken care of and will be going in for an assessment next month to see whether his heart will be strong enough to sing again.

UFO’s Phil Mogg’s Facebook post about his current health status read:

“You’ve all been asking, and we’re delighted to bring you this update from Mr. Mogg himself, along with a photo of his Winner Winner Hospital Dinner.

Dear Listeners,

Thank you all for my Get Well messages. I am in the recovery position at the moment, which involves doing not very much and being catered for, which I will drag out for as long as possible before I’m rumbled. I haven’t managed to get the full blanket bath yet – apparently, I’m quite capable of washing my bits myself. Going for an assessment next month and have a bit of a sing in the studio, so fingers crossed, I might get a gig singing down the newly formed Stent Club; who knows what’s around the corner? Tally Ho!

Chin Chin,

Phil X”

Even though UFO canceled their October run abruptly, it seems unlikely that fans will get an announcement with a new set of dates anytime soon. For now, it remains to be seen whether the concerts will be rescheduled once again or not, as Phil Mogg is still in recovery.