UFO Cancel Upcoming Shows After Phil Mogg’s Heart Attack

In a post shared on the band’s official Facebook account, UFO announced that they indefinitely postponed the upcoming concerts due to frontman Phil Mogg’s heart attack.

Along with his friends Pete Way and Andy Parker, Phil Mogg is a founding member of the band UFO, which appeared on the scene in the 1980s. UFO is known for its long songs with a hypnotic tone. They combine space rock, new wave British heavy metal, and hard rock elements in their music.

UFO released their latest live album ‘Live Sightings’ in 2016 and their studio album ‘The Salentino Cuts’ in 2017. Before the pandemic broke out, the band announced that they would be holding their 50th Anniversary Tour in 2019; however, like many others, this tour was also delayed due to pandemic restrictions. The UFO tour planned for 2019 had a different meaning for Phil. In 2018, he announced that this tour would be his last and that he would later retire from the band.

However, the vocalist did not retire and is still a member. He was also part of the Last Orders – 50th Anniversary Tour, which was rescheduled for this year. Unfortunately, Mogg had a heart attack and had surgery last week. The band then shared a post on their official Facebook account, announcing that they would cancel the final leg of their European tour due to the health condition of the vocalist.

In the post, they mentioned that Phil had talked to his doctor about the concerts, and she strictly suggested that he should take a break. While noting that Phil will start his treatment process, the band also announced that the new dates of their shows have not been decided yet. They also added that the band’s priority, for now, is the recovery of their bandmate.

The band’s Facebook post, in which they made this announcement, also includes a message from Phil about his healing process:

“Dear all, this is to inform you that the October run has been canceled!

Last week Phil suffered a heart attack. He has had an operation placing stents into two arteries.

Yesterday he wrote:

‘I have just got back from my doctors and obviously asked, amongst other things, my resuming work, playing, touring, etc. She said most definitely not unless you want another heart attack. So there it is, I have to go on a rehabilitation program which starts in about six weeks and lasts for six weeks. Three months more or less. I certainly didn’t want to bow out in this fashion, as I am sure you chaps didn’t.’

At this point in time, it is absolutely unclear whether or not the dates will be postponed into 2023. Most important now is that Phil recovers fully. Let’s see what the future will bring. Sorry for the bad news, but it is what it is. It was a pleasure working with you all, and if we don’t meet again (for obvious reasons), I wish you all the best.”

UFO postponed all 12 concerts they planned to perform in different cities in Europe to October. For now, it remains unclear whether the concerts will be rescheduled once again or not.