Alex Babinski Proves Innocence After Getting Fired From PVRIS

The three-and-a-half-year-old lawsuit has come to an end, and Alex Babinski proved he was innocent three years after getting fired from PVRIS.

Three years ago, the guitarist was accused of sexual misconduct both online and offline, and as a result, he was fired from his band. Recently, he shared the news that the accuser, Kea Romani, had made false accusations back in 2020 and shared Romani’s files that she shared online to prove that he was innocent. He wrote:

“I wanted to give you all an update on what’s been going on with me. In June 2020, accusations against me were posted online by Kea Romani which led to me being removed from the successful band I was in. I have since spent the last 3.5 years in a lawsuit against Kea Romani to clear my name and prove my innocence. During that time I have been forced to publicly defend myself on many occasions. I have lost my career, had my name slandered beyond repair, lost many friends and suffered damage to my mental health that I will never recover from.”

He then expressed his relief and joy at the lawsuit being ultimately resolved:

“However I am now very happy to say that the lawsuit has been resolved to show the truth and as you can see in the image provided, it states that I have never had any physical contact with my accuser. We have never met, I never drank with her or had intimate relations with her and I did not encourage her or anyone for that matter to engage in the things she said I did. I hope now I will be able to take the steps to rebuild my life and continue on a journey to heal.”

The Past Accusations Made Against Babinski

On August 26, 2020, PVRIS announced on social media that the band had parted ways with guitarist Alex Babinski following the emergence of sexual misconduct allegations against him. The band stated in a post they made on X (then Twitter):

“We have been made aware of the allegations involving Alex Babinski. We absolutely and emphatically will not tolerate sexual harassment, coercion and all other forms of sexual misconduct – online and offline. It is our responsibility to ensure and provide a safe space within the PVRIS community and to believe and support victims and survivors. As of today Alex will no longer be associated with PVRIS. He will be handling these matters privately and professionally.”

The announcement of Babinski’s departure came just two days before the scheduled release of PVRIS’ third album. Following the band’s statement, he promptly addressed the allegations on Twitter, denying any accusations.

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