Vince Neil’s Girlfriend Rain Hannah Apologies To Vegetarians After Her Recent IG Post

Mötley Crüe lead vocalist Vince Neil‘s girlfriend Rain Hannah shared a post on her official Instagram page revealing her opinions about hunting as she apologized to vegetarians and stressed the fact that she’s hunting animals in the less cruel way, according to her.

As you may know, vegetarians are those who abstain from the consumption of any kind of meat like red meat, poultry, and seafood in order to avoid consuming products obtained from animal slaughter. One may adopt vegetarianism for various reasons such as religious beliefs, as well as animal rights advocacy.

Just like there are people who stand against animal slaughter, there is a majority of people who feel completely okay with slaughtering them for their flesh, however, as opposed to industrialized meat, there are also people who chose to hunt for their meat in order to avoid the cruelty in the facilities, thinking that hunting is more merciful.

Just like those people, Rain Hannah recently shared a picture of herself while hunting on her official Instagram page revealing her motive when it comes to hunting by stating that butchered animals mostly killed under cruel conditions, however, those who are hunted are raised in a better environment and become a meal to many people.

In addition to this, Rain Hannah expressed her apologies to those who are vegetarians or those who are against the rights of citizens to ‘bear arms’ or own weapons such as guns since she is using a gun while hunting. Hannah stated that everybody is free to live according to their system of beliefs.

Here is what Hannah said:

If you a vegetarian or against Second Amendment I apologize if this offended you. You’re entitled to your beliefs as are we. There are billions of animals being butchered daily under horrible conditions. These Pheasants are raised in the best environment one can wish for and they fed a lot of families. Spread peace and love not to hate and war people”

You can see the Instagram post by clicking here.