David Crosby Names A Joni Mitchell Song As A Masterpiece

Even though they didn’t have a happy relationship in the past, David Crosby has never hidden his admiration for Joni Mitchell’s musical talent. In his recent tweet, the CSNY icon made yet another compliment for Mitchell’s musicianship and described one of her songs as a masterpiece.

David Crosby met Joni Mitchell when she was a musician playing at local venues. When he saw her astonishing performance, Crosby decided to support her through this journey. When the two got to Los Angeles, he introduced Mitchell to his friends and helped secure her a record contract. Thus, a timeless female recording artist was born.

During that time, David Crosby fell in love with Mitchell and her musical talent. However, their relationship was brief as Crosby cheated on her with his former girlfriend, Christine Hinton. While their split was seemingly unpleasant, Crosby has continued to praise Mitchell and her musical efforts whenever possible.

Recently, a Twitter user asked their followers the song they would consider a masterpiece. Without any further thought, David Crosby responded, ‘River.’ This song was featured in Joni Mitchell’s 1971 album ‘Blue.’ Following its release, it set a bar for artists and was covered by many other names in the scene.

In a previous interview, David Crosby had named Joni Mitchell the best singer-songwriter of their generation, out of other names like Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Marc Cohn, Jackson Browne, Paul Simon, and Graham Nash. As it appears, Crosby is still an avid fan of Mitchell’s music.