Sebastian Bach Stands Against Guns With A Lynyrd Skynyrd Reference

Skid Row icon Sebastian Bach recently shared a post to reflect his thoughts about the debate over gun control in the US on his official Twitter account. The rocker stated his position against it by referring to a song by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

American citizens have the right to bear arms as allowed in the Constitution’s Second Amendment. According to the reports, about a third of US citizens personally own a gun. The issue of gun control in the US is a heated debate whenever it comes up. Especially the escalating mass shootings in recent years usually lead to a public conversation about gun laws and the government’s role.

Another mass shooting happened when the 18-year-old man allegedly shot and killed ten people in Buffalo, New York, last week. According to the officials, the suspect targeted a supermarket which is a predominantly black community. In addition to the ten people who died, there were three injured. Eleven of the victims were black. The suspect was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder.

Sebastian Bach’s comments on gun control came after the news of this incident. He got into a debate with his followers over gun laws in the US. The singer said mentally ill people shouldn’t be allowed to purchase any machine gun. Then, some Twitter users questioned his knowledge of machine guns, and one user even offered to take him shooting.

Upon seeing this comment, Sebastian Bach replied by saying that he hates guns since they led the mass shooting of innocent people, as it were in the recent Buffalo shooting. Then, the rocker referred to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Saturday Night Special,’ often hailed as an anti-gun protest song. Bach wrote he would want to get rid of every gun in the world, as Lynyrd Skynyrd also suggested.

Here is what a user initially wrote:

“Seb, in all seriousness, you ever in Sioux Falls, I’ll take you shooting, and we’ll jam and make some BBQ.”

Bach’s reply follows:

“Hey, dude, in all seriousness. When innocent people in a grocery store get mowed down by guns, I kind of really hate guns. I might take you up on the BBQ, but as Lynyrd Skynyrd said, I would rather take every single gun in the world and throw them to the bottom of the sea.”

You can check out the tweet and listen to the song below.