Valerie Bertinelli Says She’s In Absolute Awe Of Dave Grohl

Wolfgang Van Halen’s mother, actress Valerie Bertinelli recently expressed on Twitter how amazed she was by Dave Grohl’s performance at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute concert.

On March 25, 2022, emergency service was called after Taylor Hawkins started suffering from chest pain. When they arrived, the drummer was lying down unresponsively. Although they immediately intervened, Hawkins could not be saved and passed away at age 50.

The rocker’s untimely passing deeply saddened the entire rock world. Many musicians, including names like Stevie Nicks and Travis Barker, conveyed their sadness and condolences primarily via social media. On the other side, Foo Fighters’ remaining members announced they would organize a tribute concert for their late bandmate.

Along with the members, many famous rockers such as Brian May, Wolfgang Van Halen, and Liam Gallagher would participate in the concert. The first tribute concert show took place on September 3, and Dave Grohl contributed to the event immensely by taking on multiple roles. He joined Wolfgang Van Halen performing ‘Hot For Teacher’ and ‘On Fire,’ besides playing bass with the Pretenders.

Recently, actress Valerie Bertinelli stated in her tweet that she was so amazed by Grohl’s performance during the concert that she is still under the influence of it. She noted that the rocker’s contributions to the other musicians carried the tribute concert to another level and impressed her for six hours.

Valerie Bertinelli wrote the following in her tweet:

I am still in absolute awe of Dave Grohl. That man put together a beautiful tribute with amazing musicians and played with pretty much all of them for almost six freaking hours. I mean…”

You can check out the tweet below.