Travis Barker Says The First Blink-182 Reunion Album Is Almost Ready

This year’s Coachella was a rollercoaster, especially for Blink 182, as they were headliners in the second week of the festival. Travis Barker, who recently underwent surgery to fix his finger, took the challenge and gave his all during the two performances. He recently took to Twitter to share his experience performing at the music festival with an unhealed finger. He also mentioned recording four songs for the band’s upcoming album despite coming from hectic two weekends.

Barker’s initial injury occurred while performing a drum solo during a rehearsal. The high-energy performance resulted in the drummer dislocating his finger, and shortly afterward, he experienced the same injury once again. To avoid going through the same thing again, Travis Barker decided to have surgery on his left hand, which caused the long-awaited Blink-182 tour to be postponed.

Although Travis’ healing was on track without full recovery, the drummer decided to take on the enormous task of playing at Coachella. Not only did he play on the first weekend of the event, but he also returned the following weekend. As if that wasn’t enough, he immediately got into the studio to record the last four tracks for the new album that is set to finish before the kick-off of the postponed tour.

Travis Barker’s words about playing at Coachella with an unhealed finger and the band’s new album read:

Two Coachella weekends in a row with an unhealed finger. Recorded the last four songs on the album while I still had stitches. Tour in four days?”

He added:

“Album will be finished before we leave on tour.”

Even with the strain of back-to-back Coachella weekends and an unhealed finger, Barker has been hard at work on the new Blink-182 album. His determination to wrap up the album before the band’s reunion tour in May is nothing short of inspiring.