Travis Barker Experiences Another Injury Before Highly Anticipated Blink-182 Reunion Tour

Once again, Blink-182 fans are worried sick before the upcoming reunion tour of the band because the drummer, Travis Barker, informed his fans about a second injury on his hand by sharing a picture on his Instagram story.

Blink-182 members declared they were coming together for a world tour last year. The band’s fans have been anticipating their reunion for a long time and were devastated when Barker announced that he injured his hand during rehearsals earlier this month. He revealed that he dislocated his finger and tore up the ligaments. But despite this, the tour was not canceled.

With a second wave, the fans are worried again about the tour’s fate and the drummer’s well-being. Travis Barker shared a photo of the same hand he previously hurt with a visible bump on his finger with the caption ‘Again.’ on his Instagram story. No further explanations exist, but Barker’s medical situation may affect the upcoming tour.

Blink-182’s reunion world tour is still set to happen, and a possible cancelation was not announced. But with the second injury, Travis Barker had, the fans are not sure about the future of the shows that were to come after years of hiatus.

Photo Credit: Travis Barker – Instagram Stories