Tracii Guns Recalls His First-Hand Experience With UFOs

L.A. Guns’ Tracii Guns recently responded to skeptical investigator Mick West on Twitter, regarding the UFO spottings. In his tweet, Mick West called out Pentagon about the ‘obsolete footage’ of the UFOs:

“The Pentagon has loads of amazing UFO videos, and UFO encounters happen daily. So why did Lue Elizondo only leak the three ambiguous videos from years ago? Why, despite many other leaked videos, do we never see the good stuff? Maybe it’s a representative sample.”

Tracii responded to this tweet, sharing his ‘first-hand experience,’ along with a video:

“Hey, Mick. I’ve seen this first-hand over Pigeon Lake in 2008. This video is later over Lake Ontario. Looks like a hexagon Aztec kind of thing. It’s the only thing I’ve ever seen that I can’t explain. It also was reported to have been seen in 1966 over Pigeon Lake. It also appears in ancient paintings etc.”

Guns isn’t the only rockstar who believes in aliens. Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge once said:

“When you study UFOs, you’re looking at consciousness. You’re looking at the history of mankind, like archaeology, archaeological evidence, ancient texts, religious texts. You’re looking at national security. You’re looking at physics, unified field theory. You’re looking at kind of the forefront of quantum mechanics and how the universe seems to be built. And what you start to realize is that the evidence of those phenomena is not at all what people think it is.”

In a 2008 interview, Robbie Williams mentioned his passion to become an ‘ufologist’ before he decided to become a musician, and shared his experiences:

“I stood on the balcony and there was this big ball of gold light that turned up. We thought it was Venus or Mars or something. Then the song stops playing and it disappears. But then we put Arizona on again and the ball turned back up. It happened four times. After that a massive electrical storm started and these two big massive balls of light started dancing in the sky. It was like a whole light show for about an hour.”

Pixies’ Black Francis mentioned his obsession with UFOs and it began with a sighting, in ‘Fool the World: The Oral History of a Band Called Pixies:’

“I think there’s a small percentage of people who have seen them, and I’m one of them. There was a flying saucer floating above the house for half an hour and everyone just stood there and watched it… it was just hovering. Then the state police came and chased it but they couldn’t catch up with it. My mother’s weird but she’s not that weird. She’s got no reason to make this stuff up.”

You can read the tweets below.