Tracii Guns Reacts To Claims About Selling Nikki Sixx’s Gear Due To Debt

Tracii Guns set the record straight on claims of selling Nikki Sixx’s equipment to cover his debts while chatting with the fans on X.

In 2011, Guns announced that former contestant from ‘Rock Star Supernova,’ Dilana Robichaux, would take over from Jizzy Pearl as the lead singer in his rendition of L.A. However, after a brief 71-day stint with the band, Dilana left and claimed that she hadn’t been paid during his time with Tracii. A user on the platform said to the rocker, referring to that claim:

“No God, now get back to the bathroom and sell your 27K wagon or more of Nikki Sixx’s equipment so you can finally pay Dilana the money you owe her.”

He replied to clarify the situation:

“I notice you often pretend to think you know what you’re talking about in a defamatory way. Dilana asked me to do a new project with her a few years back after she ranted about me being a mean man. I sold Nikki’s gear for him when he was broke. I don’t believe in any god. Rock god is a term of endearment. You don’t know me, but pretend that you do, which is stalker behavior. Cut it out and hail Satan.”

In 2002, Sixx and Guns formed a hard rock supergroup called Brides of Destruction in Los Angeles during Mötley Crüe’s break. They only released two albums and disbanded in 2006. This happened because Sixx rejoined Mötley Crüe, and Guns focused on his other projects. Their parting wasn’t amicable, as the bassist accused Tracii of taking a significant amount of money.

Guns reflected on his relationship with Sixx during an interview with Alabama Life & Culture in July 2022:

“There was a lot of that going back and forth between Nikki and me. He liked L.A. Guns, and I liked Mötley Crüe. As much as I have a f*cked-up relationship with Nikki, and I don’t care at this point, I love that music. I love that image. If it weren’t for him and his vision for that band, I wouldn’t have done L.A. Guns. I might not even be a successful musician if not for that band. That is the truth.”

You can see the tweets below.