Dee Snider Says He’s Pro-Choice But Not Anti-Gun

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider recently posted a tweet to reply to the comment, assuming he is a liberal and anti-gun. Snider explained that it doesn’t mean that he is anti-gun because he is pro-choice.

Abortion has become a very hot and discussed topic in the United States. The Abortion rights movement supports women’s right to choose to terminate their pregnancy at any point they want. Since the 1960s, different opinions have been held on the topic, and a great number of abortion laws were passed in recent years.

Numerous musicians also took the stage to reflect their opinions on this critical issue. In a recent tweet, Dee Snider had also expressed that he is pro-choice and supports women’s abortion rights. However, Snider had already manifested his stance on the topic with his previous statements. Dee Snider is very active on Twitter, and he frequently gets involved in different debates.

On Twitter, a user responded to Snider’s tweet on his pro-choice stance and implied that Snider sounds like a Democrat. The user also mentioned gun control, which is advocated by the Democrats. Dee Snider replied to the user by saying he is not anti-gun because he is pro-choice. He also revealed that he carries a gun because he doesn’t want to remain vulnerable if faced with an unexpected situation.

A user said:

“I’m conservative, and I believe in a woman’s right, yet in your statement, they want to make the choice for you, kinda like the Democrats and gun control. It goes both ways. Neither side is right all the time.”

Then Snider replied:

“Vice magazine called me “A gun tottin’ feminist!” You assumed because I’m pro-choice, I’m anti-gun. Not cool. We aren’t all cookie-cutters. Sneak up on me one day, and you will find out I’m a concealed carrier too. I do support many more liberal agendas… but I ain’t defenseless.”

You can check out the tweets below.