Jim Cregan Explains Rod Stewart’s Wish About The Faces

Most vocalists start their careers in the rock scene as band members. After going through thick and thin together, it can be challenging for artists to embark on a solo career without feeling the support of their bandmates. That was also the case with Rod Stewart, but he had a vision after the disbandment of the Small Faces, and Jim Cregan recently discussed this issue while speaking to VintageRock Pod.

After the disbandment of the Small Faces, Rod Stewart wanted to continue the band’s legacy, and along with a few more iconic members of the same band, they formed the Faces. But after the Faces decided to bid farewell to the rock scene, Stewart talked to Jim Cregan about his wish to carry on the Faces’ spirit.

“When Rod asked me if I’d join the band,” recalled Jim Cregan, “I said, ‘Will there be any writing?’ and he said, ‘Absolutely.’ We will be writing within the band. He wanted in those days not to recreate the Faces but to carry the spirit of the Faces. Because he liked it.”

Cregan continued to talk about Stewart’s views and recalled, “Back in those days, it was 1976; he’d mostly been in bands. He did the Jeff Beck Group, and The Faces followed that, and before that, he was in bands like The Steampacket. He was not Rod Stewart solo artist, that came later. But when he put this band together, he wanted that feeling, so I started writing pretty well as soon as we got the first few gigs out of the way.”

By recruiting Jim Cregan, Carmine Appice, Phil Chen, Jim Cregan, Billy Peek, Gary Grainger, and John Jarvis and forming his band, Rod Stewart released the album ‘Foot Loose & Fancy-Free’ in 1976. Jim Cregan served as his director, co-producer, and co-writer. The album sold millions and received platinum certificates all around the world.