The Who’s Roger Daltrey Criticizes Today’s ‘Boring’ Rock Scene

Roger Daltrey is set to start his solo tour across North America in less than two weeks. The singer recently sat down with Ultimate Classic Rock for the new set of shows, and shared thoughts about today’s rock music scene. He refused to give details about the upcoming trek and said:

“I’d like to keep that secret. There’s far too much information about people’s shows these days. I mean, with all of the clips on YouTube and everything. What about surprises do people not get? It’s hard to surprise an audience now, isn’t it? I find that really, really sad. You know, there was something about mystique that was beneficial to show business. Now we know the color of people’s underpants. It’s f*cking boring.”

Daltrey’s first show will take place on June 10 in Glenside, Pennsylvania. He’ll be on the road until the end of this month.

Does The Who Have A Surprise For Fans?

The singer also shared his thoughts about possible The Who avatar shows during the recent Ultimate Classic Rock interview. UCR gave ABBA’s ‘Voyage’ as an example to explain the concept, and Daltrey joked:

“What, we’re going to go out and do ABBA covers? I don’t think so. I’d look f*cking awful in a mini dress! I’ve never thought about it. I wouldn’t want to go and see it.”

His bandmate, Pete Townshend, recently mentioned the possibility in a New York Times interview, as well. He said:

“The Who isn’t Daltrey and Townshend onstage at 80, pretending to be young. It’s the four of us in 1964, when we were 18 or 19. If you want to see ‘The Who’ myth, wait for the avatar show. It would be good!”

There are currently no plans for a physical or virtual The Who reunion. Daltrey and Townshend didn’t show much interest in a new tour so far.