Ted Nugent Exposes The Message Sammy Hagar Recently Sent Him About A New Song


Rock musician and political activist Ted Nugent recently went live on his official Facebook account and shared the latest updates considering what’s been going on in this life and revealed that he received a great text from Sammy Hagar.

Ted Nugent is known to be one of the most talented guitarists in the rock scene and although he’s been active in the music industry since the mid-’60s, currently he’s mostly mentioned in relation to his controversial statements and conservative political views.

The veteran rockstar deeply enjoys interacting with his fans and discussing his views on social and political matters. This is why he has a YouTube show and goes live on Facebook every other day. In his recent live, Nugent revealed that he received a text from Sammy Hagar and gave some details.

Apparently, Van Halen’s former frontman texted Ted to let him know of a really good song that was recently released. Sammy Hagar advised Ted to check out the track named ‘Am I The Only One‘ by Aaron Lewis which talks about the anger and frustration that many Americans feel in the face of the latest political issues.

This is what Ted Nugent said during his recent Facebook Live:

I just got a great text from Sammy Hagar. Be sure that you all go and check out the great Aaron Lewis. A song called ‘Am I The Only One.’

Check out the song ‘Am I The Only One‘ by Aaron Lewis. An absolute earth-shattering, access reversing masterpiece of soulful. Crying out in the American wilderness for some sense and justice, and identifying that justice. Aaron Lewis congratulations.”

You can have a listen to ‘Am I The Only One’ by Aaron Lewis below.